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As a VIP member, you will be able to access exclusive articles and content that are found nowhere else.

Articles:  Versitek's Webmaster Services' exclusive articles will consist of unique tips and tricks to help you with various website tasks, functions, and tutorials on how to build your search engine ranking and more.

Downloads:  You will also be able to access downloads that we do not provide via any other sources. Some of these downloads are not even sold individual and are for VIP members only.  These may include scripts, plugins, code snippets, WordPress Addons and more.

Anytime Webmaster Consultations

Why scour the search engines to find answers to your design and development questions when you have a webmaster just a call away?  With more than 23 years experience, there is virtually no question that can not be answered.  Sure, we may get stuck on a few from time to time, but a little help from our webmaster services goes a long way.

Obtaining the scripts is the easy part.  Now how to install them.

As a VIP Gold Member, you don't have to worry about installing all those scripts anymore.  Whether it's a WordPress plug-in or a complete script installation with a database and more, we are here to get the job done for you.

VIP Gold Members can update their website content by simply sending us a request.

With many Content Management Systems (CMS), this can be done on the fly and without any problems.  However, you may have more interactive content to display, or perhaps you are not using a CMS.  This is where we come in.  Simply send your request along with the content and Versitek will get it up for within a reasonable amount of time.

Performing Regular WordPress Updates

For most people, this is a simple task.  Well, at least so it seems.  Many people will simply click the update button and hope for the best.  However, if you are familiar with doing updates on Content Management Systems, you will find this can be unexpectedly tragic.  Sometimes those updates will cause major problems and the next thing you know, a simple button click turns into a complete website outage.

When we do updates for you, we don't simply click the update button, we perform a complete backup that can recover any unforeseen incidents within just minutes and even diagnose problems and communicate with the plugin developers about the issues personally.

Internal Search Engine Optimization

Whether it's for your current content or future content, we will personally make sure that it's all "up to par" so that the search engines can do the job that you expect of them.

Many people are often perplexed as to why their content is not showing up on the search engines and it's often just the little things that the professional keep a secret.  We know those secrets and have plenty of our own techniques and secrets as well.

External Search Engine Optimization

Internal SEO is just the beginning.  However, External SEO is where the real fun begins.  Not only is this a very time-consuming process, it ensures only the best results.  

Just making your website search engine optimized will simply get you into the search engines using the correct keywords and phrases.  But external SEO will pull you to the top of the results and actually be seen by the right people and at the right times.

Ongoing Search Engine Optimization

"Just when I reach the top of the search engines, they pull me back down!"

Don't let this happen to you.  Just because you finally made it to the top, don't think it's going to stay this way.  With our Ongoing SEO service, we make sure your cornerstone content remains strong and SEO sustainable.  This is no easy task and requires a lot of time-consuming work. Therefore, this service is only available to our VIP Elite Members.

All Inclusive Webmaster Services!

Have you ever wished you had your own Web Development Team where you can simply say "Hey, I need this and that done." and they just get right on it?  Well, guess what?  Oh, you already guessed it.

This is what "All Inclusive Webmaster Services" means.  No, it doesn't mean you have to pay extra for something elsewhere and then we put it all together for you.  It actually means "All Inclusive".  Even if you want to start a whole new project with a new domain name, hosting account, design, development, SEO services and more; Versitek Webmaster Services has it covered!



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