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We invite you to get ready for a whole new experience in website design and development.  We don't want you to feel pressured into accepting things that you are not 100% committed to.  This is why we allow you to freely take your time when it comes to discussing your next project with us.  Even if you are still 'up in the air' about starting a website or are just playing with a new idea, we'd like to get involved.

Once you are completely ready to begin and have decided to hire us for the job, that's when the fun begins.  But there shall be no worries.  Even when the job is completed, the relationship between us and our clients do not end.  Unlike most other developers, we don't brush our clients off and move onto new things.  We are always here if you have questions or need a little extra help when it comes to continuing to maintain your website.

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Versitek defines "extra mile" when it comes to customer service. They've been there for me whenever I've needed help, including weekends. Service is always quick and friendly, time frames on more challenging fixes are always accurate. If I could, I'd give them a 100 star rating, sadly "the man" has me boxed in at 5. Thank you, Versitek, for taking the worry out of my web design.