Browser Applications

An application that runs inside the Internet web browser. The directions, generally written in a mixture of hypertext markup language and JavaScript, are enclosed inside the Web page that is downloaded from a web page. The benefit of browser-based packages is that they may be able to run on a Windows PC, Mac or Linux system, since every Internet browsers are compulsory to render hypertext markup language and execute JavaScript, in the same method, regardless of their environment. In practice, there are minor variations in web page rendering, which can be typically supportable. See Web application, JavaScript, and HTML.

Chrome Apps Notice

As of November 21st, 2016, all newly published packaged or hosted apps are restricted to Chrome OS, and are not available to users on Windows, Mac or Linux. Existing apps will continue to be available on all major platforms and will continue to receive updates. – More Info

Note: This change does not apply to Google Drive Apps or Add-Ons for Google Apps.

Browser Add-Ons

Browser Add-Ons can consist of various application such as Apps, Extensions, Themes, etc. that can be added to the general functions of most web browsers in order to enhance them as you see fit.

There are several websites online that offer the ability to generate free apps but they are provided with very limited functionality.  Even premium version generators do not provide the same capabilities that a custom app can provide.  And if you do happen to find an app generator, it often packages many files within the finished product that aren’t even used because the generators typically package all of the default files into a single installation regardless of your needs.

On top of all this, there is a general concern about the safety of these apps and this concern will often deter many people from using them.  That’s why we initialize only the basic functions required for our apps so that users are not being provided with overall installation warnings that are not even applicable to the app that they are installing.  Some warnings that are often triggered are similar to the one on the right (even though the extension is specifically designed to initiate on one particular website).  However, these warnings can be avoided when using the correct browser permissions within the JSON file associated with the extensions or app and will provide the necessary warnings as they pertain to a specific website; and not every website you visit as a whole.

It is Versitek’s goal to provide you with cleanly coded and high-quality apps and extensions that provide your users with an error-free environment.  Our apps are stable and cable of handling seamless updates that do not hinder overall performance.