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You're busy managing your business.  Let Versitek manage your website.

Versitek Ongoing Webmaster Services

One of my most important services would have to be this one.  Versitek Ongoing Webmaster Services (VOWS) is a service that prevents you from being left 'in the dark' once your website is completed.

Even if you're website comes equipped with a Content Management System (CMS), this is not always a final solution for many of my clients.  A CMS may provide you with the easy tasks of updating your content and managing files but some people feel more comfortable leaving other, more complicated, tasks up to the developer.

To learn more about VOWS, click this link here.

News That Relates To You

Unlike most news sources that provide news that you have to sift through just to find anything related to you, I provide you with news that will most likely affect your website and your business.

Some news may relate to depreciated formats that you may need to be aware of or CMS updates that may affect how your site works.  Other news may simply be related to new security updates or techniques to make your content more accessible to the public and increase Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings.

To read the latest news, click this link here.

Internal SEO

Every website development project includes internal search engine optimization in order to make sure that your website has the capabiltities required to reach top rankings in the search engines.

External SEO

Additional services include external search engine optimization in order to actually reach top rankings in the search engines based on your website's content and various related keywords and phrases.

Ongoing SEO

Members of select levels of the Versitek Ongoing Webmaster Services recieve ongoing SEO services in order to maintain their websites' top rankings in search engines on a month by month basis.